Torah - How To Keep Today - Lesson One


Before we dive into this, here are a few short facts about the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet:

  • There are 22 letters in total
  • It reads from Right to Left
  • Each letter has an image attached to it, a numerical value and a hidden meaning

Now that you are an expert in the Hebrew language, let's find out how God designed it as a perfect guide back to Him.

He assigned every letter a secret meaning and encrypted the story of the universe, our story, within them.

So, let’s dive into the 22 steps to a ‘perfect commercial’ happy life. I’m being sarcastic here, there is no secret ‘’22 steps’’ way to God.

The whole reason He chooses to speak in riddles and visions, rarely plain, is He wants us to search Him, to spend more time in intimacy with Him.

In a relationship, no woman wants you to follow a pre-fabricated formula in 22 steps to get her to marry you, she wants you to put it the time, constant in love and devotion, to learn how she likes to be treated and pursued. That being said, you still have to have a plan... Like the: ‘’22 Steps to Getting Her to Marry You’’. That would be a great start!

But the trick is to treat the plan as an enhancement to your relationship with her, not as a shortcut, or as a cheap way to get to the destination faster, not focusing on the process itself.

Father left us hidden instructions, each letter pointing to a certain period of life, and revealing the road back home.

The meaning of each letter tells a short story, that goes something like this:

The strong leader of the house gives to the poor man. This opens the door which gives revelation of… 

Let's start with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph, which means 'The Strength of the Leader''. As it is the first one, it relates to God the Father.

The numerical value is one, as God is one, and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Leadership is the first attribute of a successful follower of Christ, irrespective of sex, or social status.

Each person will be responsible for their household at judgement day because the ones near to us will look at the closest representation of Christianity in their lives, and often judge Christ by our actions. At a certain level, we are Christ for them, just as the branch that grows from the vine is the same in nature as the vine itself.

A wise man once said: ‘’Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.’’

Distorted Christianity and confabulated stories always spring around lukewarm Christians, the kind that don’t take the battle seriously. If we could really see the battlefield, we would stop leaving our armour and weapons at home every day.

Misinterpretation of what Yeshua (Jesus’s Hebrew Name) teaches mostly comes from self-proclaimed followers that live dual lives, which at some point convinced themselves that sin is a part of life, and that grace is the mop every house must have.

Being a leader means getting right with God, and mirroring Him on earth. It’s not about pointing fingers or telling others how to live, it’s not about giving orders and putting others down, but about the father’s business, spending time in prayer, in the secret place, and then doing exactly what He tells us in this temporary world of His.

How can we quickly reach ‘Leader’ level 99?

If you associate being a leader with superiority and responsibility for everyone else, you still have the ‘world’ definition of a leader.

The bible clearly tells us that if we want to be numero uno, we must be the best at serving others. Therefore, we can safely deduct that to lead is to serve.

Serve others, and by your example, they will be led to Christ. We must remember that it’s not our job to convince, to convict or to control.

Was Yeshua all talk and orders, or did He wash everyone’s feet and then die for us? Why do we want Him as King over us? Because He knows how to lead in a way that makes you want to follow, He never compels, He simply attracts.

A relationship will only thrive when each one places the other’s needs before their own. This way, all needs are met, and there is no burden of the self.

Another crucial aspect of leadership is the source of recognition and worth. Are we ‘leading’ to get appraisal from men, or are we concerned about God’s opinion?

‘’Don’t shine so that others can see you. Shine, so that through you, others can see!’’