TORAH (really) what??

TORAH (really) what??


We do not see things as "they are". We see things as "we are". - The Talmud


The facts we don’t check and decide to believe in shape our modern day idol, our 21st-century personal golden calf. This beast adds on weight with every unverified fact we believe in through the authority of the person before us, and becomes intertwined with our lives, causing shame and guilt to be linked with the idea of change.

We bow down to our creation, which extends to the corners of our comfort zone. If being a child, blaming your siblings for leading you into a stupid idea, of which you took part, did not exonerate you, how do you think the same argument will work on judgment day? Not to offer your biases the red pill without prior consent, just ask them about their health, get a reaction…


I bet you didn't know...


In Hebrew (the original language of the Bible) - Inside the first 2 books of the Torah (Genesis and Exodus), every 50th letter spells the word "TORAH". Within the last 2 books (Numbers and Deuteronomy) also every 50th letter spells TORAH, only backwards, both acting like two arrows that point to the middle section (Leviticus), in which every 50th letter spells the sacred four-letter name of God, "YHVH". Leading us to conclude that Torah points the way to YHVH, it acts as a compass for our journey.


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