Step Twenty Two - Tav - ''...and leads you to the Cross!''

Step Twenty Two - Tav - ''...and leads you to the Cross!''

The journey is almost finished, but our life has just begun.

We have finally reached the final step in our adventure, in pursuit of our awesome creator, יהוה God. It’s amazing that our creator knew the redemption plan, and had it all figured out even before creation, and He embedded this in His language, Hebrew.

Here is how the journey unfolded so far, the meaning of each letter connected:

The strong leader of the house gives generously to the poor man. This opens the door which gives revelation of the nail. The Sword of the Spirit divides and Separates Darkness from Light.

Remove yourself from darkness and receive the power of God and God's anointing. Take the staff of authority, be immersed in water, and receive new life. Grab the staff of authority, open your spiritual eyes, and your spiritual mouth.

Kneel, and hunt the enemy. Receive sight in both realms, this is your new beginning, His fire burns all that is not of Him, and leads you to the Cross!

Pretty amazing that God would tell our story before it happened, but then again, He’s God. Awesomeness is certainly not a new trait for Him.

The last letter of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, Tav, represents a cross, and means covenant.

The entire journey lead us to the cross, and God was pointing toward it from the very beginning.

He already knew what was going to happen, and he hid all the details in plain sight, to show us how amazing He is.

Jesus's death at the cross marks the beginning and the end. His blood, the most precious in the universe, was enough to pay for our sins. All of them! Our creator Himself, had to come down on earth, and embrace death, shame and reproach for us.

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.'' - John 15:13

Words cannot describe what He has done for us, we owe everything to Him, He made us, contains us, enables us.

Searching For God

That should be the title of our lives if someone would ask us to write a story.

And the amazing fact is that when the journey ends, we get to swap books with God, only to find out that his one is entitled 'Searching For My Children'.

Life truly is amazing, and God made it for us, and us for Himself.

The complex nature of the soul gives rise to intricate motivational quests, but only one is worth pursuing, for only one can we take with us. As Yoda would put it, pursue God you must!

It's a game of hide and seek, and for our benefit He hides. It's not hard to find Him, if He leads you.

It's just about impossible trying to do it by yourself, and forgetting that you cannot do anything. He has to reveal and lead the way.

It's funny how day by day, no progress seems to be made, however, month by month we are brand new.

Finding God means killing the body, so that we may live as spirit. That involves not feeding the body, so that it may be weak, and instead feeding the soul with the word of God and His presence.

This paradox heightens all our spiritual senses and we become aware of our true nature, our inner self.

It is amazing how powerful we are in the spirit realm when walking with the father, and how weak we are in this realm, where we seem to be governed by flesh and its desires. We are captives on a boat and we are not allowed to sink it on purpose.

For our light must be a way for other boats in the night-time, so that we may be ready when time comes to depart home.

While our bodies may be strong from all that gym and protein, our spirit man is but a mere baby. It hasn't even been fed hard food, we're still barely nourishing it with milk, every Sunday with the most basic of messages.

Is that what Christ came for? The same message that we received when we first started the journey? Should we not start seeing some angels at church, shouldn't everyone that comes through the door get instantly healed because of the presence of God that all the people inside carry?

Sundays should be prayer days and sermons should not stop until God comes and says enough, go home now!

Our most frequent prayer request should be: ‘'God, grow in me a deeper desire of You!'’

Somehow, it's not enough to want Him. He has to want us to want Him, if that makes sense.

For even our will has no strength if it's not powered by Himself. We have to draw from Him and ask for fuel in any of our pursuits.

If you have read this so far, and you have not met Jesus, if the world and religious people have made you sick of the entire business they call Christianity, if someone ever professed to be a Christian and then lived otherwise, forgive them.

Do not follow anyone else, get your own Bible, and read it yourself. Not only is it not complicated, but it is actually extremely simple. It does not only state what you should understand, it also states what you shouldn't, just so it doesn't leave any opening for errors.  Start with the Gospel of Matthew, and then just go on from there, wherever you want. May God bless you as you read this, and make no mistake, you are NOT reading this by accident!

Nobody comes to the Father, unless he draws them to Himself, so be glad! God chose YOU today!


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