Step Twenty - Resh - ''...this is your new beginning,''

Step Twenty - Resh - ''...this is your new beginning,''

A new chapter has begun in our lives, as we breathe in the rarefied air of Heaven. (Shout out to Sid Roth!)

All our worries and problems from yesterday have faded away, we can look to the sky and realize that truly nothing can harm us.

''My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand'' - John 10:28

Knowing that we might die any second and be perfectly fine with it is pure bliss. This is what peace feels like.

This journey across the Hebrew Alphabet places us in positions of authority, where we can be firmly rooted.

It is the beginning of a new life, a completely new chapter that will never end.

We are now given revelation of the most powerful weapon we can master while on earth.

This is one of the most underused spiritual weapons today, by far. The power of fasting is incredible in the spiritual realm and breaks off any yoke or burden you have been fighting with for the longest of time. Before you roll your eyes over in disappointment, keep on reading!

Not If But When

If I have read my bible correctly, Jesus did not say if you fast, but "When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.''

So He did not even consider telling us to fast, this was a given. Many overlook this extremely important part, Jesus Christ saw fasting as an integral part of the Christian’s life, He did not even see the need to remind us to fast.

This just begs the question, how powerful is fasting done in a correct manner?

Short answer: It's so powerful it has no short answer.

Long answer: It simply rocks the world, cuts right through any generational curse, any oppression, any demonic stronghold, any leftover legal right that the enemy still has on you. It works like nothing else, and the effects are always incredibly fast.

What is it for?

Everyone likes to get into the details, however fasting should be seen as a secret sacrifice we make for God, it's a simple way to show our devotion, and it basically says that we love Him more than this earth, than our body, than ourselves.

The big 'I', our ego will have to suffer and that's why nobody seems to like fasting. It's an act of love, you don't have to tell Jesus you love Him if you've just gone through 7 days without food to show your dedication.

As a small kid once put it, fasting is showing God that you would die to be with Him.

Weak Body = Strong Spirit

Another great benefit everyone seems to agree on is the heightening of all spiritual senses. If you've been praying for one of the nine spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit imparts to us, this is the time it will be amplified.

There are different levels of a gift, depending on how much we want it, and how long we exercise it for. There is a big difference between discerning the spirits, and being able to literally see them in front of you like you see any other person.

We should strive to receive all spiritual gifts and be mature Christians, not 50 year old children. There is no exact path to achieving level 99 in any of them, and this is only because God wants to see how much we truly want it. This separates the ones who love Him from the ones who say they do.

Are we going to fast and pray for it continuously for months and months without ceasing? Or do we want it for 10 minutes, and then the phone rings and we forgot? Then we remember two days after, we do a half day fast, we get hungry, get some pizza and re-schedule the fast for a better day. And so on, we all know the story.

If there was a prize for procrastination, I would send someone else to get it for me.

Fasted Lifestyle

I don't know about you, but I haven't heard about this new cool trend in any of the magazines or TV shows lately.

Living a fasted lifestyle could not sound any more uncool if the poster boy was Johnny Freckles.

But what's cool now, won't be so very cool in 100 years when we'll actually be dead. Yes, this chapter comes with a downer.

Does this mean that we are not to eat anything all our lives? Of course not.

People that do this usually have tremendous presence in the supernatural (which is the natural we can't see), and it is based on either one meal a day, vegetable smoothies, or basically small amounts of nutritious food, usually avoiding meat, for a very long period of time.

It is a constant sacrifice for God, and it doesn't take long to start manifesting in the natural realm. As we all know, whatever we loose on earth, is loosed in heaven, and the other way around.

They are highly interconnected in ways we cannot begin to understand with our 2.0 brains that a few years ago could not figure out how to read or get the hand to grab an object.

It's funny how 30 years pass and we suddenly think we've got it all figured out, how does God dare be our God? (To be read in a sarcastic, high pitch voice.)

Common Excuses

Every unpleasant task comes with a set of excuses from the manufacturer, as we all know.

One of the first worries of a prolonged fast (longer than 3 days) would be: What if I die?

And the answer is obvious: Let's hope so. There's no better way to go.

Truth is, fasting requires faith in God, that's why so few attempt it. Above all discomfort and want, it takes quite the willpower to succeed at it for a sustained period of time.

And that's exactly what separates winners from losers. Jesus himself said that no cowards will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is one that's often overlooked.

Set apart days of fasting and start with one day, and then slowly increase over time.

There are many people on YouTube that share their forty days water fasts with the world, and they’re not even Christian. And all this time I thought that Jesus’s forty days fast in the wilderness was some godly accomplishment that’s surely not for everyday humans.

We have been shown otherwise be people who just do it as an extreme detox for the body. How much more should we be incentivised to accomplish it at least once?

Most Important Aspect

If you want God to see what you're doing, and actually act on it, the number one golden rule is don't tell anyone or complain.

You can only tell someone if you are fasting together for an agreed purpose or prayer request.

If not, do not tell a single soul unless asked why you're not eating. Don't brag about it, don't turn this into a holiness act for people, as it's extremely easy to do.

Don't forget you're only doing it for God, and only He needs to know. That's it.

Also, choose a reason for fasting, and pray about it during the fast. As much as possible, don't take your mind off God and be mindful of His presence. Keep Him inside you, by reminding yourself that He lives in you, that He's present all the time.

It's so easy to start a fast, get busy with work, forget about God for the entire day, and then at the end, when you're back home and there's two hours left to go to sleep, you remember that you're a Christian.

This should never happen, we must be constantly mindful of the presence of God, in the busiest of times, through the craziest meetings, as with Him we will always overcome.

Learn to trust Him today and look forward to your next fast starting hopefully now! Be a little crazy for God, He needs that!