Step Six - Vav - ''...of the nail.''

Step Six - Vav - ''...of the nail.''

Finally, our first real revelation on this journey, the letter Vav, represented by a nail.

If we trace back our steps, the story so far, goes like this: 'The strong leader of the house, gives (generously) to the poor man. This opens the door, which gives revelation of...(beating drums) the nail!''

Pretty amazing, right?

The ultimate being in the universe, the all in all, ''who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.'' - Philippians 2:6-7

But the story doesn't end here. He didn't come to judge us, ridicule us, or look down on us, he actually came to DIE for us.

It’s hard to grasp this ultimate act of humility, coming from the most powerful being in the universe, to a mere human made of flesh, ridiculed and despised by his own creation, only to die for them, so that He can forgive their sin. How much love can someone have for us?

It's not just a fun, comforting reminder on a Christian t-shirt. It's pure love.

If He's gone to such lengths to show us that He cares, will He not do so much more, if we obey his Word?

To think that God already knew what was going to happen before the creation of the world, and that He hid the story of Yeshua inside the Hebrew alphabet, places an entirely new spin on: ‘Don’t worry, God's in control!’.

His attention to detail on earth is a trailer to showcase His eternal majesty and wisdom.

Nothing happens by chance, every action is the reaction of an intended act of some sort, and the universe is at the mercy of our compounded power of will.

Archaeological evidence does nothing but prove the accuracy of the entire bible, year by year, pot by pot, coin by coin. The problem is not lack of evidence, it's what the evidence comes with.

A great man once said that everybody wants to go to Heaven, they just don't want God to be there. Most unfortunate is the fact that this resonates with Christians as well, outward Christians.

How many of us walk right beside the road that leads to heaven, and just keep it in sight, risking it all every day for just a couple of moments of 'freedom'. This 'wannabe' freedom is illustrated by the fact that every evening we don't seem to want to go to bed, but stay later and later, pushing the body until it's completely exhausted.

Why? - The big emphasized 'Why? '

Because going to bed every night is a vivid reminder that it all ends someday, that one day we will have to go for real.

Laying our heads on the pillow gives rise to the reality of our nothingness, to the fact that we are so weak that we need to absolutely stop our rush for money or pleasure, and actually recharge.

It reminds us that we are not invincible, even tough the 9am coffee begs to differ.

We are so fragile, and this insane ride stops once. Only once. It doesn't say when, but at least it comes with instructions.(Torah)

So the million dollar question is: How do we go to bed early?

Meaning, how do we let go of all the cares and anxiety, so that we may be able for once in our lifetime to lay alone in bed, do nothing, and be content?

If this were a sales pitch, I would start presenting Yeshua to you. I would explain His love, how He died for us, how He never took his position for granted, but actually made himself into one of us, only to become a perfect example, and also die sinless, in order for us to receive a new eraser for our sins, one that actually works, His blood.

Sounds pretty complicated, and it just begs the question:

Well, if God is almighty and powerful, why couldn’t He just proclaim a new rule into existence, where all sins were forgiven, and everyone moved into a new heaven, with just better heaven police around?

The answer is easy, but we have to see it from God's perspective, not ours. That's why we fail to understand.

God created us to be His children and friends, He already has everything. What's special about us? Our free will. The pure fact that we choose to be with Him, to obey Him, to love Him. If we didn't have a choice, we would be called robots.

Even for us, having a robot servant is not much of a friend. You ask Siri ten times if He loves you, he better say yes every time, or you're going Galaxy on him. But you know he doesn't even understand what love is, he is just a pretty string of zeros and ones. The 'he' in my sentences is as human as he'll ever get.

We are so not robots. Our free will, emotions and spirit all interact to make us more comprehensive than the most complicated iMac of the future.

So the point is God doesn't just do a move and everything becomes perfect, because that would mean limiting us from what we can do, by using His force. The liar can't lie any more, the thief can't steal, etc.

The forceful constraint would mean changing the way we think, or limiting our free will, which would of course make us robots.

If you want to do something, but can't, or are forced to smile and say thank you when you want to scream and Liu Kang kick someone, that means your system has just been overridden and you are a robot...

If this is getting too complicated, don't worry, you're only human.

Life means living in the moment, cherishing every single minute of the day, knowing that the creator of the universe has a real part, a living piece of Himself inside of us.

Losing us means losing a part of Him.

Practice mindfulness every day, and when your thoughts wander off, return them immediately to God.

We're so lucky He's still there, still eager.

When is the last time we stopped and thought about how consistent He is? Maybe one of His most undervalued qualities...

Being there for us, the same yesterday, today and forever. Our one and only, bridegroom, friend and companion, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, all glory be to Him only, forever and ever and ever and ever and so on to infinity plus one!