Step Fourteen - Nun - ''...and receive new life.''

Step Fourteen - Nun - ''...and receive new life.''


New life, big words, but how does it really apply to our lives?

''Nicodemus said to Him, "How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born, can he?" Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.…'' - John 3:4-5

If the previous Hebrew letter, Mem, was all about re-birth in water, which means being born again in this realm, in the natural realm, and is a testimony primarily for our fellow humans, the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Nun, is related to being born again in the spiritual realm.

Letter Nun signifies a fresh start, a new beginning, our spirit is renewed and filled with power.

However, this step is not accomplished, until we have been baptized by the Holy Spirit. We can do nothing by ourselves, only thinking so, boosts our self and pride. The Holy Spirit is right here on Earth, and we must wait for His leadership.

If we look down the street, we don't even know what's around the corner, that's how helpless we are. We are walking blindly in the spiritual realm, fighting an enemy we cannot see.

Rebirth also means reaching a higher understanding. Let me ask you a question that will shake your beliefs:

Why did God kill everyone at the flood except for one family? Is it because He didn't love them anymore? (rhetorical question)

The Bible says that: ''For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.'' - John 3:16

Which world exactly did He love? Some utopia in never land? No, it was a world full of sinners, a creation that forgot why they're here.

It's not all about bringing meat back to the cave until you have no more room to store it, and then 'bright idea', let's build another cave and find more meat. After 100 years of meat and caves, someone dies. People are sad, but they remember that meat supplies are not going to replenish themselves, so they get back to it and find joy again.

The dead guy is remembered as an awesome gatherer of meat and builder of caves.

Life moves on.

It's clearly a vicious circle, and few are getting off the hamster wheel. The problem is we can't see the forest from the trees.

We have to get out of in order to see it, and life is just designed to throw back at us one more problem to solve every time we try to catch a breath and really think about stuff.

So back to our question, why did God kill everyone?

First of all God cannot kill, killing is taking a life of someone you do not own. God

owns us.

Secondly, we all die, if it's from natural causes at 119 years young, nobody says: ‘Ooh, God killed him!’.

So you see, our expectancy is attacked if someone gets hit by a bus at fourteen. We expected that person to live at least until eighty years old,  a scenario we would be fine with, because we're accustomed to it, and that's our reality.

We're not completely fine, but you know what I mean. It was expected.

So, when God decided to terminate life on earth because He couldn't find a handful of people that fulfil their purpose as creation, on top of the fact that the purity of the genes had been compromised by fallen angels, we say He killed them...

The reasoning behind this is that we honestly think that we are gods, and sometimes wonder how our creator has the nerve not to bow down to our wants, and fulfil our expectancy of Him, whichever it may be?

Someone once said, God is different for everyone, depending on what they make Him to be.

You see, without the Bible and revelation directly from Him, it's so easy to just put together a God in our mind and start assuming stuff. We then think about how we'd like our fantasy God to be, and just serve that. When confronted with reality, we sadly put up our defences and protect our powerless imaginative god. It's not going to be great in the end, when the game's over and that funny, do whatever you want type of god is nowhere to be found.

It's all good to say God is love, but how about God is justice, or wrath? Can he really get angry? Shouldn't He just be roaming about on cloud in a mindless state, not worrying about us unless we want Him to do something for us? That's His purpose, right? (rhetorical question)

It's an attack to our way of thinking that God might intervene in our life without our consent. How does He dare take my child away from me at such a young age? Well you see, he/she was never yours to being with. You just assume that. And you've done it for so long, you actually believe it and take it for granted.

If this sounds harsh, just imagine you're a potter (not Harry), and you build some figurines out of clay. Now you take one of them and put it in an art gallery with other amazing ones. The figurine that was standing next to it starts asking you (the potter) how do you dare take his figurine?

You would like to explain to your precious figurine that figurines don't own other figurines, and that you have a good plan for all figurines.

But there's no point talking to a figurine, they just won't understand.

Don't be a figurine.

God has a great and awesome plan for us, and it involves a relationship with Him. If we only knew what He’s capable of, we would be searching and waiting on Him 24/7. He's not some far away God, he cares. He really is here and wants to help you with the smallest and the biggest problems you’re facing.

Please ask Him to work out a way to come into your life, and He will do it. Just do it. Nike.