Step Five - Hey -''...which gives revelation''

Step Five - Hey -''...which gives revelation''

'Hey', is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and is portrayed by a man jumping up and down, with his hands raised to the sky. It relates to a state of happiness and joy, from receiving revelation of God.



Let’s break down happiness!

‘’There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.’’ - Someone Wise

That is to say, happiness is not a place we arrive to by accomplishing our goals, but an internal state derived from beliefs and our interpretation of reality.

Father gave us the ability to choose and decide how to decipher day to day events, and store them in our brains under pleasure or pain forming patterns. You might decide to endure the pain of eating plain oats with water in the morning, and call it pleasure, because it gets you closer to your goal.

At some point, the emotional pain attached to how you looked or felt, overcame the small portions of pleasure you derived from unhealthy foods. You are now creating a brand new brain pattern, and your body is listening to you, by secreting feel-good hormones, every time you eat something disgusting but healthy.

So, happiness is not derived from chocolate or kale, but from our interpretation of them…(quote me)

‘’If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.’’ - Marcus Aurelius

Just like a good Instagram filter, The Holy Spirit should frame reality in a way that reminds us of our identity and destination. These two have to be constantly summoned back to life, from the crevices of our worried, restless minds.

Strong identity and clear destination form the backbone of happiness, the ultimate security, an unpenetrable safe space. Here’s the formula:

Life = (‘Who are you?’ + ‘Where are you going?’) - (Biases + Conditioned Beliefs)

In conclusion, happiness is a state you consciously choose to reside in, based on the filter you choose to interpret reality through, however, a better word for this basic state is ‘Contentment’, nobody is jumping up and down yet...

The formula for happiness requires two more elements…



First one would be gratefulness (shocker, I know…). The fact that you’re reading this, means you already have everything you need to achieve: A brain and a caring Father.

Still, pat yourself on the back, as being consistently grateful is hard work. Purchase a car, after a few months, a new model comes out. Big house, you move in, it’s suddenly smaller than the next one. The further you go, the looser your grip on reality is.

Commercials and the ‘American Dream’ conditioned our minds into believing that happiness is just around the corner, but when we get there, all we see is the next corner. Being content and fulfilled is a state you choose to reside in, not something you achieve by accomplishing goals or struggling to arrive at a certain destination.

The point is, it’s hard to go back to gratefulness when you’re forced to compare yourself with everyone around you, it takes practice and conscious effort to see yourself as unique, different, and be comfortable with your current state, but not comfortable to the point where you’re not motivated to compete, but still not stressed about the competition, what??

Ambitious and grateful can be friends, a state of gratefulness does not assume a lack of drive and is certainly not an excuse for not striving to do as much as possible. It doesn’t exonerate cult members of their giving 110%, basically, the perfect excuse for laziness and mediocrity could  be: ‘I’m just so grateful right now…’

So, ‘being grateful’ and ‘extremely motivated at the same time’, two polar opposites, will shake hands without producing Ishmaels.



The third ingredient for happiness is letting go, for a while, every day, and then doing your part at 110% for the rest of the day.

‘’The greatest ambition is surrender’’- Someone Wise

A state of bliss can only be attained by letting go, and having someone else watch over all your affairs and worries, otherwise, zoning out would just be a running away from responsibility, a sad escape.

That someone is Yeshua, if you’re a wise investor, nothing else stands the test of time. Where will you be in 1000 years? What’s now worth your time, if you’re 1000 years ahead looking back at this moment?

Not much apart from investing in your only relationship that can outlast 1000 years…

If you’re interested in learning about stillness/ intimacy, CLICK.

Sooo, ultimate happiness formula is:

Ultimate Consistent Happiness = Correct, (Filtered) Interpretation of Reality + Identity + Clear Purpose - (Biases + Conditioned Beliefs) + Gratefulness (But Still Ambitious) + (Daily Letting Go (Stillness/ Time with Yeshua) sprinkled with 110% drive for the rest of the day)

Not basic, because we’re not.

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